Dangerous Days & Times on the Road

Did you know that certain days and times are more dangerous than others for drivers? Car accidents can occur at any time, but when do the most crashes happen? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers some interesting insight into this question with data from 2013.

Car Accident Injuries by Day in 2013 (listed from most to fewest):


Friday: 258,000
Tuesday: 243,000
Wednesday: 238,000
Thursday: 234,000
Monday: 221,000
Saturday: 216,000
Sunday: 181,000

The time of day also had an effect on the number of crashes each day. Several factors may lead to crashes at different times of the day, such as more cars on the road, speeding, distracted drivers, or even tired drivers.

Car Accident Injuries by Time of Day in 2013 (listed from most to fewest):


3pm to 6pm: 387,000
Noon to 3pm: 306,000
6pm to 9pm: 236,000
9am to Noon: 208,000
6am to 9am: 199,000
9pm to Midnight: 125,000
Midnight to 3am: 78,000
3am to 6am: 52,000

If you are unable to avoid the roads on the days and times with the most car accidents, there are other ways to maximize safety while driving. Putting away all distractions, such as cell phones, allows you to focus on the road and be aware of any potential dangers. Driving at the posted speed limit can also help reduce the chance of an accident. Wearing your seat belt is also essential when driving during the most common crash times. While the seat belt will not stop a car accident from happening, it can help to prevent possible injuries and fatalities.

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