Distracted Driving: Focus on the Road Instead

distracteddrivingMany car accidents are often the result of distracted driving.  Activities such as eating, drinking, putting on make-up, using a cell phone, texting, or emailing can cause distracted driving.  Each of these activities falls under the three main types of distractions.

1. Visual Distractions

The first type is visual distractions.  This involves anything that causes drivers to take their eyes off of the road for any amount of time.

2. Manual Distractions

Manual distractions are the second type of distractions.  These activities make drivers take one or both of their hands off of the steering wheel. Texting, talking on the phone, putting on make-up, eating, drinking and adjusting the radio are just some of the actions that fall under the first two types of distractions.

3. Cognitive Distractions

The third form of distractions is cognitive distractions.  These distractions take the driver’s mind off of driving. This can include stress, family issues, a bad mood, or a phone call.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sheds a light on distracted driving and the risk factors that come along with it through several statistics.  In 2013 – 3,154 people were killed in car accidents caused by distracted driving.  Although the number of fatalities decreased from 2012, the number of injuries increased.  In 2013, there were 424,000 injuries due to distracted driving, while in 2012 there were 421,000 people injured.  In terms of cell phone usage, about 660,000 drivers are using their phones at any given moment during the day.  Using a cellphone and other similar visual/manual distractions like eating or putting on makeup, can increase a driver’s risk of getting into a car accident by three times.  In 2011, 17% of car accidents involving injuries were reported to be distracted driving accidents.  These statistics show that drivers are often distracted, and those distractions lead to an increased risk of being injured in a car accident.

In order to prevent distracted driving, drivers should try to eliminate any distractions as much as possible.  Here are some suggestions to help avoid distracted driving:

  • Put on make-up and finish any grooming before heading out on the road.
  • Instead of eating while driving, try to eat any meals before or after the drive.
  • If possible, avoid using your cell phone in any way – calls, texts, and emails.
  • Adjust the radio before starting to drive, and avoid frequently adjusting it.
  • If dealing with cognitive distractions, try to focus only on the road while driving.
  • Keep your full attention on the road at all times.

Remember that distracted driving increases the risk of getting into a car accident, so try to eliminate any possible distractions before heading out on the road.


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