How to Pokemon Go on the Road Safely

PokemonGoIt seems that everywhere you look nowadays, somebody is playing Pokemon Go. Since its release, Pokemon Go has become a global phenomenon and captured the attention of people of all ages. categorizes the game in the “augmented reality” genre, because it uses “real locations to encourage players to search far and wide for new Pokemon”. While Pokemon Go is all fun and games, it can be very dangerous if you don’t take the appropriate precautions. Thousands of injuries have occurred throughout the world as a result of this game. Driving and catching Pokemon is very dangerous. However, we understand the need to become Pokemon masters, and the unlikelihood of finding a Snorlax in your bedroom. So before you get on the road to be “The very best” check out some of these tips for staying safe and getting the most out of your Pokemon expedition!

Step One – Grab a Buddy

This is the most essential step to catching Pokemon on the road. After all, there can be no Ash Ketchum without Misty and Brock! Taking a friend with you on your journey will ensure that you catch em’ all while keeping you safe. With a wingman, you’ll catch twice as many Pokemon and save yourself a potential trip to the hospital! Let your passenger do the catching for both of you, and cover way more ground then when you’re on foot. (You can also take turns driving and split costs to save money on gas).

Step Two – Get over and Get out

So you’re driving past a park or a mall, and there are like 20 Poke-stops around. What do you do? Park the car and get out! According to an article on, Pokemon are found in areas with high cellphone traffic. This means that places like malls, parks, and other venues that cater to large numbers of people are going to be your best bet to finding that elusive Lapras or Porygon. So go explore the area, talk to some other trainers, and find out where to find the rare ones!

Step Three – Designate a time for Pokemon Go

If you’re constantly in a state of worry about your Pokemon and which Pokemon you could be missing as you’re driving somewhere, it could affect your day negatively! A true Pokemon master has peace of mind. Use Pokemon Go as a way to unwind and plan to meet up with friends specifically for the purpose of playing! You can hang out at bars or restaurants near Poke-stops and put down a lure to attract more Pokemon, and you will catch ten times as many than if you tried to catch while driving.

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Join the craze! It can be a lot of fun, and according to,, and, Pokemon Go actually has a lot of health benefits. So get out there and be safe, plan accordingly, and good luck on your quest to become the very best, like no one ever was!

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