Plan Ahead: Don’t Drink and Drive

drunkdriving Many people like to wind down with a drink or two after a long day at work while others like to enjoy drinks with friends on the weekend. Whether you’re leaving a bar or a party, finding alternate transportation to get home after drinking is essential. Planning ahead helps keep you and others safe from injury. Avoid drunk driving yourself and help prevent others from driving drunk by following these tips:

  • If you are going out to drink, choose someone to be the designated driver before leaving.
  • If you are the designated driver, do not drink any alcoholic beverages.
  • If the whole group decides they want to drink, find a different form of transportation like a taxi.
  • If you notice that a friend has been drinking and is planning on driving home, take their keys and help them find another form of transportation.
  • If you’re throwing a party make sure to have non-alcoholic options for your guests in case they are the designated driver for their group.
  • If a guest at your party is unable to drive and can’t find alternate transportation, suggest they spend the night.

Taking necessary steps to avoid drunk driving can help save lives and help prevent potential injuries in the event of a car accident. Drinking and driving is not only against the law, but it put many lives in danger. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, sheds light on the dangers of drinking and driving with the following data:

  • Two in three people will be involved in an accident involving drunk driving in their lifetime.
  • A person is injured in an alcohol-related accident every two minutes.
  • The age group of 21 to 25 has the highest rate of drunk drivers.
  • 290,000 people were injured in alcohol-related accidents in 2013.
  • In 2013, there was a total of 10,076 fatalities, which equates to one fatality every 52 minutes.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles compiles data regarding car accidents within Florida that involved drunk driving. Just like the above information, the following data from 2014 stresses the dangers that comes with drunk driving.

  • Of the 344,170 traffic accidents in Florida – 16,873 were suspected to have involved alcohol, while 5,660 were confirmed to have involved alcohol.
  • It is suspected that 7,362 injury crashes and 11,210 injuries were alcohol-related.
  • Of the confirmed 2,143 alcohol-related injury crashes, 3,387 injuries were reported.

This type of information puts the dangers of drinking and driving into perspective and shows the importance of planning ahead. The next time you are going to go out for drinks or to a party, make sure to have a plan for getting home safe.

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