The Simple Change that could make your Commute 10x less stressful

Car Sharing. Group of people with shared key behind car

Change is scientifically difficult. The human mind is programmed to operate through habit, otherwise we’d be consciously interpreting millions of different signals every second of the day. Even the way we think is a habit. You probably have a similar pattern of thought every time you get ready to leave your house or get behind the wheel. That being said, you probably don’t think too often about how you might change your daily routine. Or maybe you do, but you just haven’t gotten around to taking the first step toward making it happen. In fact, the solution you are looking for in reading this article is something you are probably already familiar with. However, because you are already familiar with it, you will probably be quick to dismiss carpooling as the answer to your prayers. Yes, finding a carpool buddy is the simple change that could make your commute 10 times less stressful. According to carpooling is one of the best ways to save money on fuel, insurance, and car maintenance. And you know those carpool only lanes you see on the highway? Using one of those lanes can cut your commute time down by as much as half. Throw away your reservations about carpooling, and find someone to ride with today. If you can’t find a group to ride with, one person still saves a significant amount of money, and is great for the environment! There are many tools online such as that can help organize a carpool with your friends and coworkers. Break your old thinking habit and avoid the bumper-to-bumper traffic while potentially making some new friends. For more information about carpooling – check out these fun facts by


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